I Wish it Were Winter!

So, I’m a member of an art trading community called ATCs for All. On this site there is an ongoing trading forum of 5″x7″ original paintings where an artist will post three subject matters for a painting they would like to receive. The next artist chooses one of the three subjects and does a painting to send to that person. He/she then posts three subjects they like and so on. So the artist before me requested these three subjects: 1) Still Life, 2) Winter Scene, 3) Something Steampunk. Well I decided to go with the winter scene since it’s been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Southern California for way too long.

Here is the painting I made for JSILVER. It is a mixed media piece — primarily watercolor with some white gouache and white gel pen. I hope she likes it.



6 thoughts on “I Wish it Were Winter!

  1. well I’m a little jealous of JSILVER – lol. This painting is stunning! The snow is so well done. And the grasses in the foreground are beautiful.

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