Tag It Thursday #8

Today’s tag is going to be quite different than my usual tags. It is not mixed media and will be done solely with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Liquid Watercolors. I am also not using my standard #8 manilla tag. Instead I traced my usual tag onto 140 lb Canson watercolor paper, cut the tag out and then punched a hole in the top.



Here is the selection of colors I will be using from Dr. Ph. Martin’s Liquid Watercolor set: Gamboge, Brilliant Cad Red, Deep Red Rose, and Pthalo Green.


To begin with I put down some clear water using a #8 round watercolor brush. Then I put some drops of the yellow, orange and red colors into the water splotches.



Then I used my #8 brush to blend and shape the colors into poppies. Next I took the green paint and applied the stems and leaves by directly drawing them onto dry paper with the dropper applicator.



Because the poppies are still wet the green paint bled into them a little, but I love the effect! I initially planned to do more to this tag, but I really love the simplicity of it as it is. So here is a picture of the final tag. Let me know what you think.



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