Tag It Thursday #12

Well I’m a day late and a dollar short. Please accept my apologies. I took some medication Wednesday night and it basically put me out of commission all day yesterday.

Most of the time I plan out what I’m going to do on my tag ahead of time so I basically know what steps I’m going to take. Today’s tag is completely unplanned; it just sort of developed as I went along.

As usual, I started with a blank #8 Manilla tag. I then painted the tag using Manganese Blue watercolor paint by Daniel Smith.


Next I used Dylusion Ink Sprays in London Blue and Pure Sunshine.


After that I used Dylusions Ink Spray in Postbox Red along with a diamond stencil (I have no idea who made this stencil as there are no markings on it and the original packaging is long gone).


Next I outlined some of the diamonds using a Sharpie White Paint Pen (fine point-water based) and I didn’t like the way this looked at all! So then I outlined those same diamonds using a Sharpie Black Paint Pen (fine point-water based) and I didn’t like that either. Ugh! Here is the tag looked like.


So then I took a page from an old Sears Catalog that was gifted to me by one of my art friends and used pieces of it to cover up some of the ugly mess I made. I then used a black Staedtler Pigment Liner (.5mm) to outline the pieces from the catalog, which I glued on using an Elmer’s glue stick.


Now that is better! At this point I decided to draw a cute little whimsical girl in black and white. I drew her on white card stock using black Staedtler Pigment Liners (.1mm, .5mm, .7mm). I then cut her out and glued her onto the tag using an Elmer’s glue stick. I also decided to give her some rosy cheeks, which I did with a red colored pencil.


Then I added a sentiment (Secrets), which came from some homemade Washi tape I made over a year ago. I decided to add some doodles and more outlines to the tag. I drew in some scattered hearts and then colored them in with red colored pencil.


Next, I used some cheap white acrylic paint (Artist’s Loft-Titanium White) and the same diamond stencil to add a few white diamonds to the tag so my little girl would not be the only white element on the tag. After that, I used some Tim Holtz Distress Ink by Ranger (Black Soot) to go around the outside edges of the tag; I also smeared some around the edges of the tag. In doing this, my messy fingers got some black ink on my little girls face. I just wanted to cry!


So, in an attempt to fix my mistake, I carefully painted over the ink using the white acrylic paint and once it was dry I re-drew portions of her face. I also had to recolor one of her cheeks with the colored pencil. Unfortunately, the card stock was not very durable so the paper was damaged in the same spot as her cheek so that cheek now appears a little darker than the other cheek. Oh well, what’s an artist to do? Anyhow, I’m calling the tag complete. Let me know what you think of it.



4 thoughts on “Tag It Thursday #12

  1. A for Adorable! I love the combination of your whimsical girl with the old Sears catalog. And I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally smeared distress ink on an almost-finished project. That’s the downside of their staying “wet” for so long. It’s frustrating but not the end of the world, I try to remind myself. lol

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